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Yard Maintenance

Sometimes mowing a lawn or weeding the garden is just not high on the priority list between work, family, schooling, life.. Let us help with a weekly or monthly visit to maintain your yard.

Don't be frustrated when you finally get some time off of your busy schedule and you want to enjoy your environment as a whole but the yard needs attention. Your yard is your retreat from the bussel of life.

We do everything related to yard maintenance- mow the lawn, clean up those pesky fruits that hit the ground and later become messy little trees poking out of your nicely groomed yard, prune back and sculpt shrubbery.

To maintain that which is present in a state of desired appeal that's our goal. We'll change out flowering plants, treat your yard for moss add vitamins/minerals, prune the fruit trees & roses, add new bark or rocks as needed. We do what you want done to make your retreat a treat-- not something to retreat from.

Step out on your day off and enjoy. Let us do the work before the day you want to enjoy your surroundings. Knowing you have A Fantastic Finish Inc. to your day.

  • True Pruning
  • Mowing
  • Weeding